A Step-by-Step Guide to Use Bottle Top Dispensers Bottle Top Dispensers

A Step-by-Step Guide to Use Bottle Top Dispensers Bottle Top Dispensers – A necessary safety lab equipment A bottle top dispenser is a common lab instrument which is used to dispense precise amounts of chemicals/reagents, organic and inorganic solvents, oils etc. from bottles or other containers.

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Interlab’s range of laboratory consumables

Interlab hosts a large number of laboratory consumable products. These include the following product categories:​​​

Auto Sampler Vials
Cold Storage
Filtration & Testing
General Laboratory
Laboratory Glassware
Laboratory Tubes
Liquid Handling
PCR Consumables
Racks & Storage
Safety & Biohazard
Sealing Film
Storage Bottles
Tissue Culture

Excellent Quality and Value for Money Interlab Laboratory Glassware

When you are looking for laboratory glassware, you want the best quality for your lab glassware requirements. Interlab Ltd is a New Zealand-based world leader that brings you

the best laboratory supplies and equipment for your modern chemistry lab. What you can expect is scientific glassware that has a high chemical durability, excellent

mechanical strength, computer controlled calibration and will safely withstand thermal shock. We sell Borosil Laboratory Glassware, which is world renowned for its durability

and accuracy. We provide high-quality, affordable laboratory glassware you can be sure of.

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Take a closer look at our range of laboratory glassware:

Erlenmeyer Flasks

Our Erlenmeyer flasks are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass 3.3 which gives you the assurance that it is manufactured with durability and accuracy in mind. Enamel graduations that are easy to read and aids with accuracy. These laboratory flasks are of the highest quality with attention to pouring accuracy and uniform glass thickness.

Premium Laboratory Beakers

Our range of premium laboratory glass beakers range from 25ml to 5000ml glass beakers. The spout design enables clean and precise pouring ensuring accuracy. To further help you with accuracy in the laboratory, the easy-to-read scale and large labelling field make marking easier. The uniform wall thickness distribution of the glass beakers makes it ideal for heating liquids.

Laboratory-quality Glass Measuring Cylinders

Interlab’s laboratory-quality glass measuring cylinders range from 10ml to 2000ml. They are graduated in amber and certified as Class A. Computer controlled calibration ensures you can trust the accuracy of your laboratory measuring cylinder.

Glass Measuring Pipettes

Interlab is a leading brand in the pipettor supply industry, with pipettes that give superior performance and value for money products. We also stock pipette tips and pipette stands. For more on pipette tips and filter tips, read our informative article here. Our glass pipettes are made from borosilicate glass, are Class A, and with amber graduations at 0.1ml intervals.

Glassware Accessories

Interlab Ltd not only supplies your laboratory glassware requirements but provide the laboratory glassware accessories you need to complete your laboratory. We can provide glass stirring rods, burette clamps and retort stands and more.

Borosil Lab Glassware is manufactured from low expansion, chemically inert borosilicate glass. Our apparatus for measurement of volumes rank amongst the most accurate in the world. When it comes to laboratory glassware equipment and lab glassware supplies for scientific laboratories, you want the brand that has been the laboratory staple for over 50 years. Borosil Glassware has the following attributes:

Accuracy – individually certified volumetric glassware which has computer controlled calibration that ensures reliability in experiments

Mechanical Strength – Annealed glassware which means harder glass with optimum wall thickness. This ensures better mechanical strength and durability.

Thermal shock resistance – Annealed to remove residual thermal stresses and thermal shock. Thinner, uniform wall, hence lasts longer.

Chemical durability – High resistance to attack from acids, salt solutions and organic solvents. Low alkalinity that facilitates less leaching and makes glass harder.

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