Protect your people from Covid-19

Keeping your staff safe has never been more important. With Coronavirus infections now the norm in New Zealand, employers are putting a premium on protecting their workers, customers and themselves, as down-time caused by Covid infections can cost a business dearly.

Thankfully, Interlab NZ stock a wide range of supplies for keeping your people safe.

Medical Grade N95 Face Masks

The N95 Face Mask is considered the best face mask for regular use on the market. They are NIOSH Certified which is a high medical certification. These fit tightly to the face to help prevent airborne particles getting into your respiratory system, including the coronavirus.

A study in 2020 of face mask effectiveness showed that N95’s protected people much better than cloth or surgical masks.

When fitted correctly, the N95 face mask fits tightly to the face and helps to protect both the wearer, and the people around them. It is the gold standard for face masks today and available from Interlab in boxes of 20 individually-wrapped masks.

You can check out our entire range of Face Masks Here

Orient Gene Rapid Test Kits

If you do have contact, suspected or confirmed, with coronavirus, then the Orient Gene Rapid Test Kit can tell you within 15 minutes whether you have coronavirus antibodies present 48 hours after infection.

By testing a nasopharyngeal sample, these kits can identify your infection and are developed for use without the need for medical training, they are so easy-to-use people can test themselves at home and get extremely accurate results.

You can use this Orient Gene Rapid Test Kit if you have symptoms of COVID 19 infection, particularly within the first 7 days following the start of symptoms.

Order online with deliveries beginning in the first week of March 2022.

Spatial Disinfectant Air Purifiers

The SD-CI02 Air Purifier has been developed for use in areas where people naturally congregate, such as waiting rooms, cafeterias, public areas and more.

These Air Purifiers are a very cost-effective way to eliminate airborne viruses. Set in a very discrete tube, they use microscopic oxidation to kill viruses, with the dose being large enough for that but too small to harm other cells.

The SD-CI02 Air Purifier could serve as a useful additional tool for keeping people safe at your premises. You can enquire today to place an order .

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