Interlab Ltd is the leading New Zealand supplier of laboratory equipment and consumables, in particular, our range of autoclaves.

Interlab’s range of autoclave has safety, monitoring and efficiency at the top of the priority list. With different applications, each autoclave is purpose-specific and built to international standards. Some come preprogrammed to meet specific sterilization needs. Digital displays are standard in most autoclaves and printers are optional. Our autoclaves range is listed below, so read on for more details on each product.

Our Autoclaves range

Interlab has a range of autoclaves that are suitable for most laboratories:

Our Autoclaves consumables

Interlabs Autoclave and Biohazard Bags are Manufactured By Adsure® Packaging Limited. Adsure® is a professional manufacturer with 30 years of experience to provide medical packaging solutions for the storage and transportation of specimens and waste disposal.

Adsure® can provide custom biohazard bags, autoclavable bags, sterile bags, and drugs bags for many hospitals laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, and other pharmaceutical industry if you are interested in Custom Packaging solutions for your laboratory, email

Our range of autoclave consumables here at Interlab is as follows:

Interlab strives to bring you the latest technology and the best equipment for your laboratory. We have a state-of-the-art ordering system that is easy to use and lists a selection of our range of laboratory equipment and consumables.

You can also order your autoclave or consumables via email: or fax: 04 939 6170 or just give us a FREE call at 0508 331 331

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