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What is a CO2 Incubator? CO2 Incubator is a sealed, climate-controlled “box” used in Laboratories to grow biological cell cultures. They are required to maintain the same conditions as inside the human body.

Benefits of having a CO2 Incubator in your Laboratory …..

It is an essential piece of lab equipment for anyone doing cell culture work. It creates a contamination-free environment for cells while maintaining temperature, humidity and O2/CO2 levels

New product to INTERLAB – the 182L CO2 Incubator

ILC 180 Smart Pro Is the optimal solution for your laboratory!

The CO2 incubator offers optimal growth conditions for cell cultures. Very precise temperature control, appropriate humidity and CO2 concentration are undeniable advantages of this product.

The CO2 incubator is equipped with the most advanced POL-EKO controller – SMART PRO – with an intuitive menu and user-friendly software

The display shows current parameters, alarms and program status in an easy-to-use way. The controller has been developed to be navigated by icons, so all information is legible, and the programming of the unit is extremely intuitive.

The most important advantages of the SMART PRO controllers:

· Large (7”), legible, full colour touch screen

· LAN, USB ports and WiFi for uploading programs and data transfer

· Multi-segment time and temperature programs

· Data preview in tabular and graphic form

· Visual and audible alarm

· Administration functions for easy management

· Password protected log-in

· Internal memory for programs and data storage

· Operating with gloves on

· Event registry with user notifications

· Adjustable start delay feature and loop function

· Over-temperature protection class 3.1 (DIN 12880) protects samples and the incubator

· LabDesk software and instruction manual for direct download

· Alarm Bar – instant visual information about chamber status

· Quick Note – user can save text notes (50 characters) in SMART PRO controller memory

· Quick Change of parameters: temperature, time

Additional advantages of CO incubator:

· Handle with key lock

· Main power switch flush with the housing prevents unintentional switch off

· CO gas-mixing jet with the Venturi effect to ensure quicker atmosphere mixing and more homogeneous distribution

· Multiple temperature sensors for accurate measurement

· Magnetic handle for ergonomic internal door opening

· Rack with perforated shelves for optimal shelf positioning

· Two access ports (Ø30 mm), the first on the left wall and the second on the rear, both secured with silicone plugs

· Silicon gasket

· Water pan to provide optimal humidity

· Open door sensor

· Height adjustable feet

· Contamination protection: – Hot-air sterilization at 180°C – Fan-less construction – Smooth, easy to clean stainless steel interior with rounded corners – Sterilizable, drift-free infrared CO sensor 2 – Inner glass door for sample viewing without changing the conditions in the chamber – No hiding spaces

Two Access Ports

ILC 180 SMART PRO is equipped with two independent access ports (Ø30 mm), which is a unique solution on the market. The access port located at the rear is ideal for laboratories where several units are placed side by side. The second one, on the side wall, is the perfect solution in small rooms where space is limited and access to the rear is difficult.

Save Space in your Laboratory

The ILC 180 SMART PRO Incubator is stackable. Two units can be stacked on top of each other. For this purpose, the stacking optional adaptor is required. It prevents heat transmission, shocks and vibrations transferring from one chamber to another. The base on castors allows the incubator to be easily moved from one location to another. It is also recommended to avoid dirt from the floor potentially contaminating the chamber.

Even when two units are stacked and placed on the base on castors, the upper display is at height of 175 cm which is very convenient to operate.

Information Supplied Courtesy of Pol-Eko

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