Discover what your peers have to say about us.

Discover what your peers have to say about us.

“As you know, I’m a repeat customer of Optipettes. I’ve compared many brands of pipettes and think the Optipettes are the best value for money in NZ. They are similar in feel to the Gilsons, comfortable to use, and durable. We have noticed that they stay accurate for longer than other pipettors, in fact, we have not even had to re-calibrate ours yet. I also like the fact that they are fully autoclavable and take all kinds of tips. I have some Eppendorf pipettes that are very limited in what tips they will take. I would recommend them to anyone. ”

Plant & Food Research

“The freezer is a good size and we’ve been able to place in a room with limited space.  The LCD display is clear and displays the temperature conveniently. Using it we are able to keep track of the temperature over a certain period which is great for temperature-dependent sample storage.  Additionally, the two tiers in the freezer have ample room to stack a few cryo boxes as well to keep any temporary samples conveniently and within reach.  The noise is also minimal.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small freezer for the frequent, temporary storage of samples.”

Auckland University

“We have just received a selection of microscope slides, clear and frosted. Well wrapped against dust and dirt entering and excellent for our needs. A price it would be hard to beat and speedy delivery rounds up a great purchase which was enhanced by a couple of useful and yummy freebies – as the great Arnold Schwarzenegger says ” I’ll be back…”


Would like to recommend two products, they are the 3ml transfer pipettes, which are great and a good price and also the Eclipse pipette tips 1-200ul, especially when they are on special.  Service and delivery are great also.