Interlab is a premium supplier of highest quality pipette tips for use in laboratories. The right pipette tip is essential for accurate, precise and reliable results. Our pipette tips speed processing and eliminate cross-contamination while maintaining your sample integrity. They are available in a variety of materials and styles to suit use with a range of major pipette brands.

Interlab stocks a collection of pipettes, either manual or automatic. Thus the pipette tips we stock are suitable for use with a wide range of pipettes. We have a range of Pipettors and Dispensers that include the pipettes and pipette tips. Furthermore, we have a range of pipette tips that are compatible with multiple brands of pipettes. As the most used instrument in most labs, it is important that you have pipettes of different volumes available that you can trust. We can supply the correct volume, with colour coded options as well. For storage, we have Tip Racks available.

Zap™ Slik™ Low Retention Tips

Low retention pipette tips have proven aerosol blocking and unsurpassed fluid retention performance. Our ZAP Silk Low Retention Aerosol Filter Pipette tips from Labcon offer you a high-value option to protect your pipettors in all liquid handling applications. These tips include:

  • Endotoxin-free 10 micron patented porous hydrophobic filter that is proven to block aerosol contamination.
  • Exclusive formulation of resin to help ensure you get every last bit of sample from your tips.
  • RoHS compliance so you don’t have to worry about additives migrating into your sample.
  • Autoclavable
  • Up to 10 times less fluid retention than standard tips
  • Lot certified purity
  • Click here to see our Filter Tips – Racked

For Low Retention tips, get in touch with Interlab today. We have a great online ordering system which you can find right here.

You can also order via email: fax: 04 939 6170 or just give us a FREE call 0508 331 331

Unsurpassed Low Retention Performance

Source: Labcon Literature

Source: Labcon Literature

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