The Anatomy of a disposable Syringe: Luer Lock vs Luer Slip; 2-part vs 3-part

Different Syringe types are developed for different applications, whether it be for use in the field or the laboratory. At Interlab we stock high quality Syringes manufactured by CHIRANA T.Injecta in Europe; our range includes 2- and 3-part options in Luer Lock and Luer Slip, from 1ml right up to 50/60ml.

Our Syringes feature:

  • An ergonomic design, smooth flow, highly transparent barrel, tight
  • Black extended graduation making good use of the head space, easy to read, double stop lines, guaranteed 0 ml position
  • Designed tip for best connection, double stop lines, scratch-free for glove manipulation
  • Made of polypropylene/polyethylene
  • Pyrogen-free, latex-free, DEHP-free, PVC-free, non-toxic
  • Sterile, individually blister packed

Luer Lock vs Luer Slip

Luer Lock

As seen in the image, a Luer Lock tip has a ‘skirt’ around it, these are useful for any application where you need to apply pressure, as you can lock items into place creating a more secure fit. For example, when using a syringe filter, you need to be able to lock it on to your syringe to prevent it from popping off when applying pressure.

Luer Slip

As seen in the image, there is no skirt round the tip, which means they are quicker to fit, you simply push your apparatus onto the end of the tip.

2 Part vs 3 Part

2 Part Syringe has a plastic plunger which is designed to better withstand corrosive chemicals as it is rubber-free.

3 Part Syringe has a black rubber addition to the end of the plunger and they are not designed for use with highly corrosive chemicals as the chemicals can cause the rubber part to corrode.

The 1ml 3 part syringes feature ‘no dead space’ meaning the rubber extends right into the tip to ensure nothing is left in the syringe.

3 part syringes are more cost effective than 2 part syringes.

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