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Our range of glassware is manufactured with Borosilicate Glass 3.3, the low expansion glass is a high-performing specialty glass that has several properties which make it ideal for use in laboratories.

From the 16th Century onwards, scientists have used glass containers for a very basic reason – glass is transparent, thereby making the contents and the reactions clearly visible. However, owing to the fact that they must heat, cool and mix chemical substances, ordinary glass is not always adequate for laboratory work.

Laboratory work requires that the apparatus for handling chemicals/media offer maximum inertness when in contact with the widest range of chemical substances. Moreover, such apparatus needs to withstand thermal shock without fracture, high temperatures without deformity and mechanical shocks from daily washing and sterilization.

  • Chemically Durable.BOROSIL 3.3 Glass is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids and acid mixtures, and to chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances. The chemical resistance of this glass is superior to that of most metals and other materials, even when exposed to long processing periods and temperatures above 100 ºC. A slight release of mainly monovalent ions takes place after exposure of the glass to water or acids. A very thin layer of impervious silica gel is subsequently formed on the surface of the glass, which in turn slows down further attack. At higher temperatures and in more concentrated forms the glass surface is subject to increased attack by hydrofluoric acid, hot phosphoric acid, and alkaline solutions.
  • Resistant to Thermal Shock.

    Borosil glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Consequently, the thermal stresses under a given temperature gradient are also low. The glass can withstand higher temperature gradients and also sudden temperature changes / thermal shocks. Minute scratching of the glass surface can, however, reduce its thermal resistance. ‘Strain Point’ should be regarded as the maximum safe operating temperature for Borosil glassware. When heated above 500°C, the glass may acquire permanent stresses on cooling. All Borosil laboratory ware is annealed in a modern Lehr, under strictly controlled conditions to ensure minimal residual stresses in the products. The typical thermal properties of Borosil glassware are mentioned below :

    Coefficient of Linear Expansion 32.5 x10-7cm / cm / °C
    Strain Point 515°C
    Annealing Point 565°C
    Softening Point 820°C
    Specific Heat 0.2
    Thermal Conductivity (Cal / cm3 / 0C / sec) 0.0027
  • Mechanical Strength.

    All Borosil laboratory glassware products are annealed in a special chamber wherein the stress as developed during the manufacturing process is eliminated with a controlled heating and cooling process. Moreover, Borosil’s production processes ensure uniform wall thickness across all products, thereby enhancing their mechanical strength. The annealing process ensures the long-lasting printing quality. In order to get the highest level of precision, carefully controlled gradual heating and cooling procedures are essential.

  • Accuracy
    Our Borosil range includes all items required in general lab usage. Each item is made with precision, keeping in mind the extensive uses each item is put to.
    In addition to this, every volumetric glassware product in our range is automatically calibrated to meet the nest international standards and can be used with the highest degree of repeatability and accuracy. The temperature-controlled calibration process is equipped with precision electronic balances, thermometers, stopwatches and fully automatic state of art calibration machines with optical laser beams that remove any possibility of human error and ensure a high degree of repeatable measurements for all our volumetric products.
Information supplied courtesy of Borosil.

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