PTFE Magnetic Stirrer bars and retrievers

Interlab Ltd suppliers only the very best and high-quality Magnetic Stir Bars and Retrievers. These are sourced from Cowie Technology who is the world leading manufacturer of PTFE labware they are dedicated solely to PTFE Technology.

Magnetic stirring is a widely used and long-established method for stirring and mixing in liquid media. The process is not only simple and inexpensive, but extremely diverse in the range of application.

Examples Include Synthetic procedures, drug delivery, chemical analysis, flow control, emulsification, milling and grinding and solid phase extraction.

Magnetic stirring can be used in open and closed systems, over a range of positive and negative pressure, over a broad temperature range and with virtually any chemical reagent. The use of bearing, glands, seals and complex drive mechanisms common to other mixing systems are not required.

Interlab keeps a wide range of Magnetic Stirrer Bars in stock for your convenience.


Cylindrical Stirrer Bars have a smooth, round profile. A popular general purpose stirrer for a wide variety of applications


Plain Stirrer Bars have a similar action to cylindrical but give more turbulence at low speed.

Interlab stocks a wide range of the Plain PFTE


Pivot Ring Stirrer Bars are for use in containers with bases that are slightly curved or uneven – the pivot enables the stirrer to adopt the optimum position for stirring


Micro Stirrer Bars are for the very smallest containers Note: Always use the largest Stirrer Possible.


Oval Stirrer Bars are for use in round-bottomed flasks.


Triangular Magnetic Stirrer Bars are effective for dissolving solids and mixing sediments because of the scraper-like action.


Cross Head Stirrer Bars are designed for use with tube-like containers yet very effective as general stirrers. Interlab Supplies the Double Sided Cross Head Stirrer Bar


Retrievers are for the removal of stirrer magnets from vessels pf all kinds. The Polypropylene version has a hanging ring

Magnetic Stirring -Key Points

Find out what magnetic stirrer bar that best suits your application

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