ProtectR® Tubes keep your samples safe from pH changes.

Made of durable, high-quality materials and fitted with an air-tight cap, ProtectR® Tubes form a protective barrier impermeable to CO₂ keeping the sample pH stable and preventing acidification.

Samples of proteins, other biological molecules, and cell cultures are commonly shipped and stored on dry ice, putting them at risk of acidification by up to 2.5 pH units. In standard centrifuge tubes, CO2 vapour from dry ice enters the tube headspace and causes a significant drop in the pH of the sample.
Even in short-term storage conditions, samples may become acidified. This acidification can affect the integrity and reproducibility of samples and may result in a loss of protein activity.
  • Protects Samples Shipped On Dry Ice
  • Keeps pH Stable
  • CO2 Resistant
  • Certified For Shipping

IntergraPack is lighter and easier to wash.  This makes them perfect for clean rooms and under the hood.

  • 5 sleeves of 10 tubes (50 tubes a pack, 100 tubes a case)
  • Validated secure package seal for sterility
  • Can be separated and opened without scissors
  • Leak resistant – can be immersed or sprayed with alcohol before opening, ensuring no contamination is present
  • Every sub-pack is labelled with a lot number and sterile expiration date
  • Perfect for working under the lab hood

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