ProtectR and SuperClear Centrifuge Tubes

At Interlab we stock a wide range of centrifuge tubes to cover your needs for different applications. The labcon range of tubes, manufactured in the USA to meet International Safety Standards, has two main options which we supply. The ProtectR® range and the SuperClear® range.

  • ProtectR®

ProtectR tubes keep your samples safe from pH changes. Made from durable, high quality materials and fitted with an air-tight cap, ProtectR tubes form a protective barrier impermeable to CO2 keeping the sample pH stable and preventing acidification. Labcon ProtectR tubes are the only container closure system engineered to be CO2 resistant and stop costly damage to molecular and cellular solutions when using dry ice.

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  • SuperClear®

Our SuperClear® centrifuge tubes are designed to successfully meet your needs every time you use them. These tubes are tested at a much higher g-force than they are rated to ensure that you can spin them safely. Labcon quality control team tests the seals with chloroform. So these don’t just look like centrifuge tubes, they really are. SuperClear® tubes are not only better when you use them, the process used to make them is better, helping reduce their environmental and social footprint. Patented.

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Information supplied courtesy of Labcon

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Labcon SuperClear Centrifuge Tubes

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