Interlab are the New Zealand Distributors for Percival Scientific Products, the global leader in environmental growth chambers. 

Percival Scientific has developed leading edge technology to meet your specific research needs. Percival knows how important it is to control for temperature, humidity and lighting, among other variables. Their technology helps you improve your results with growth chambers that give you the optimal customization for controlled environment research.Percival Scientific are light years ahead in their technology development, with a 125-year history of designing and innovating highly customizable and reliable plant growth chambers. They are the controlled environment experts. Get in touch with us to discuss your growth chamber needs or read on to learn more about our Percival Incubator range.

Percival Incubators utilize: 

  • Condensing units that are continuously-running for optimal precise temperature control. 
  • Long-lasting, tough 18 and 22-gauge steel interiors and exteriors.
  • Optimal temperature uniformity across the unit.
  • Greater control over the temperature, humidity (optional), CO2 (optional) and lighting.
  • IntellusUltra Web Server (optional) lets you program and monitor your incubator from your desk, laptop or phone.

See Interlab’s range of Percival products here. 

Percival Scientific proudly offers as standard Features and Benefits others may offer as optional. These features includeIntellusUltra Control System and IntellusUltra Web Server environmental control system, specialty lighting,18- and 22-gauge steel interiors and exteriors, welded seams, an environmentally friendly powder coat finish for greater durability, magnetic door gaskets ensuring a tight seal, the highest quality solenoid valve, continuous-running condensing units, dimmable ballasts, alone or in combination with light sensors for precise irradiance control, and humidification options.


WeatherEze® “The next generation of chamber control software.”

Percival Incubators gives you the most advanced level of power for precision chamber control. WeatherEze allows your chamber to have real-time duplication of the temperature, relative humidity, and solar lighting for any global location. Two powerful options are available: the Simulated Environment where you can select any locaiton on the globe to simulate the weather and The Real-Time Control to select the exact real-time weather conditions across the globe. 

Additional cutting-edge features of WeatherEze include:

  • Easy data entry based on latitude and longitude or by simply clicking on a map.
  • METAR Data link allows for constant updating of actual weather conditions.
  • 30-year average climate conditions are also available if real-time conditions are not desired.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it settings let the chamber run itself without further intervention.
  • Complete data collection of set points, current conditions and METAR data are downloaded into CSV files for processing and documentation.
  • Real-time daily graphs of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 let you see at a glance the actual set points and values as well as what they will be for the day.

Other Percival Growth Chambers Include:

The Percival Scientific YouTube Channel is a fantastic source for information about Percival products.

For full specifications or to enquire for a price CLICK HERE. You can also order via email:; Fax: +64 4 939 6170; or just give us a FREE Call on 0508 331 331

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