Every laboratory uses glassware, but have you ever taken a closer look at the glassware you use? Not all glassware is created equal, and thus a level of quality and care is expected with Interlab’s glassware that will satisfy the very specific needs of laboratory glassware. 

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Two types of glass commonly used for laboratory glassware are Soda-Lime and Borosilicate glass. Soda-lime glass is less chemically resistant than borosilicate glass and is typically suitable for storing dry powders and for containers for general sample storage applications. This glass type has only moderate hydrolytic resistance. Expansion borosilicate glass has a very high resistance to attack from water, acids, salt solutions, halogens and organic solvents. Only hydrofluoric acid, hot concentrated phosphoric acid and strong alkaline solutions cause significant corrosion. Neutral borosilicate glass has excellent chemical resistance properties which make it ideal for the storing or packaging of acidic, neutral and alkaline products and for injectable solutions.

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Interlab stocks a range of stress-free borosilicate glass from Borosil. Our range of glassware is manufactured with Borosilicate Glass 3.3, the low expansion glass is a high performing specialty glass that has several properties which make it ideal for use in laboratories. Borosilicate glass is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids and acid mixtures, and to chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic solvents. Its low alkalinity makes it less prone to leaching. This means our glass is chemically durable, resistant to thermal shock and has mechanical strength properties.

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A close-up of a laboratory glass, Dropping substances in to solution.

Our Borosil range of laboratory glassware includes all items required in general lab usage. Each glassware item is made with precision, keeping in mind the extensive uses laboratory glassware product is put to. As the leading scientific and laboratory equipment supplier in New Zealand, you can trust that Interlab sources only the best glassware for your needs. Borosil provides a wide range of glassware which has proven to not only have perfect accuracy but also be of high quality. Borosilicate glass offers maximum inertness when in contact with a wide range of chemical substances and furthermore, can withstand thermal shock without fracture, high temperatures without deformity and mechanical shocks from daily washing and sterilization.

Borosil glass is manufactured in a state of the art facility using the best in glass technologies. This ensures that the glass blanks are produced with uniform wall thickness, shape and dimension according to standards. Our Class ‘A’ volumetric range of products come with individual certifications of accuracy. This certificate can be downloaded and viewed via the Borosil app. All volumetric glassware are automatically calibrated as either:

TO CONTAIN TC/IN where the contained quantity of liquid corresponds exactly to the capacity indicated on the article (e.g. graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks

TO CONTAIN TD/EX where the delivered quantity of liquid corresponds exactly to the capacity indicated on the article (e.g. pipettes and burettes)

Our range of stress free glassware includes the following:

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