When choosing a pipettor brand for your lab operations, consider first what brand of tips you wish to use with them. We all want to invest wisely and you will spend a lot more on tips than on pipettes in the long run, so purchasing tips that give superior performance will mean far better value for money.

In order to choose the correct pipettor system that suits your needs, try a range of tips on the pipettors you are evaluating and carefully compare their fit, ease of ejection, quality, packaging options and overall value.  One of the key unique value features of LabCon SuperSlik® pipette tips can be viewed in this educational video link, highlighting low retention and low adhesion properties, which ensure efficient and effective performance in your laboratory through minimising sample waste.

At Interlab, we proudly supply industry leading LabCon Eclipse pipette and filter tips to give our customers superior performance in the lab.

Labcon Eclipse are made from 100% medical grade virgin polypropylene resins, and they are meticulously lab tested to ensure no recycled plastics or commodity grade resins are present.

Even better, LabCon Eclipse Pipette and Filter Tips are designed to fit every style of pipette, making them true laboratory all-rounders.

LabCon Eclipse tips come in their trademark racks which are designed to be repeatedly autoclavable ensuring a long life, and they are colour coded for easy laboratory organisation.  A simple lift, place and snap system makes them easy to handle and re-fill empty pipette tip racks, with 18 different styles of tips, depending on your needs.

In addition, by using LabCon Eclipse tips you are benefitting from their exclusive, ISO 9001 registered 26-step inspections process, as well as 50 years of experience in quality testing, ensuring each tip is up to the standard that the best in the industry expect. All LabCon Eclipse pipette and filter tips are lab tested and guaranteed to be free of contaminants, and Labcon is the only major pipette tip supplier to be registered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

LabCon carry certificates on file by lot number for all their quality tests at www.labcon.com, where each lot number can be viewed individually under the certificates page.

Interlab supply premium laboratory pipette and filter tips New Zealand-wide to ensure you have the best availability to meet your needs. Enquire with us for more information regarding the specific tips you need, or if you’re not sure ask us, and our helpful team will point you in the right direction.

LabCon Eclipse tips have many features included as standard which are only available from other suppliers as special upgrades. This has established LabCon as the go-to brand for when you need the best laboratory supplies working for you. Contact us for more information, or watch the informative LabCon promotional video here.

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