Do you ever have that common issue of not enough bench space in your laboratory? Interlab has a range of mini bench-top centrifuges which saves on that valuable bench space without compromising the quality of the centrifuge! With a range of rotor sizes and tube capacity, we have you covered for your mini and bench-top centrifuges – view the range below:

iFuge M08 SMART Personal Micro Centrifuge. Patented magnetic deisgn for tool-free rotor removal. 8 place tube capacity, suitable for 1.5ml and 2.0ml microcentrifuge Tubes. View full detail and specifications here.
iFuge M12 SMART Personal Micro Centrifuge. 12 place closed rotor ensures better airflow, greater efficiency with quiet operation and low heat generation which ensures stability for temperature sensitives samples. Suitable for 1.5ml and 2.0ml tubes. View full detail and specifications here.
iFuge M5k Combi SMART Personal Micro Centrifuge. Combination rotor to accomodate 12x 2.0ml tubes and 4x PCR Strips in the single rotor. Improved airflow design for lesser heat generation, greater sample safety and lesser noise. View full detail and specifications here

For your centrifuge needs, get in touch with Interlab today! We have a great online ordering system which you can find right here.

You can also order via email:; Fax: +64 4 939 6170; or just give us a FREE Call on 0508 331 331

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