What you need to know about Interlab’s innovative Daihan Oven & Incubator Range

Interlab Ltd brings you the DAIHAN Oven and Incubator Range to expand your laboratory’s capabilities for controlled heating applications. When temperature stability and accuracy are needed, DAIHAN Scientific products provide a range of scientific ovens and incubators that will exceed your expectations.

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DAIHAN is the front-runner in scientific laboratory equipment innovation. The DAIHAN SMART Line of lab equipment comes equipped with a full touchscreen controller and internet connectivity. In addition, the SMART-LAB Controller allows you to monitor and control your lab equipment using your smartphone. Check and adjust your lab oven or incubator’s temperature from anywhere!

The DAIHAN Scientific Oven range with SMART-LAB technology

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The DAIHAN Oven is the newest state-of-the-art oven from Interlab. The high-performance heating mechanism gives you the world’s best temperature accuracy and uniformity achieved by being optimized for the capacity of the chamber, the power of the heating element and the air circulation system.

To ensure consistent accuracy the actual temperature of the chamber is measured in the very centre of the chamber. The temperature is maintained precisely within very slight fluctuation specifications which ensures high stability and uniformity. The Fuzzy-PID controller ensures temperature fluctuation times during warm up and recovery after opening the door are short. Elements are installed on three sides of the oven which directly heat the stainless-steel chamber. Circulation is caused by heating elements that first heat the air in the pre-heating zone which surrounds three sides of the chamber.

DAIHAN Scientific Incubators with the SMART-LAB system and Jog-Shuttle Controller

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The DAIHAN Incubators use the same technology as the ovens to ensure temperature accuracy and stability. In the case of the incubator, the material thermal conductivity is enhanced to the maximum.Incubators are equipped with DAIHAN’s exclusive Jog-Shuttle Controllers that is of superior quality. The user interface has an ergonomic design for users to easily operate and it features a high-quality LCD with back-light function. The DAIHAN Incubators have a ‘temperature offset” function which uses multiple temperature ranges to ensure temperature uniformity and control. Additional safety features include internal safety glass doors, heat-resistant silicon packing and high-quality insulation material.

DAIHAN Green Products

In addition to the incredible heating mechanism that ensures your laboratory equipment’s accuracy and uniformity, the DAIHAN range is also environmentally friendly. The laboratory ovens and incubators achieve minimum power consumption by using a heating element that consumes the minimum power for the capacity and temperature of the chamber, high-quality insulator and insulation structure, and a complete door structure that guarantees to shield from heat escaping.

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