Excel Scientific is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance micro plate sealing films, foils and related laboratory products. Their new brand ‘PlateSeal’ Brand has an expanded range of sealing films and foils for Microplates.


Interlab NZ are proud to bring PlateSeal products to the New Zealand market. All our products are quality tested to meet our expectations for premium laboratory performance, and the PlateSeal Sealing Films range come highly recommended as a result. We cater for all Laboratory needs in the PCR world, be it Long Term Storage or Protein Crystallography. View HERE for the full PlateSeal Range.

Check out some of our most popular PlateSeal Sealing Film products:

PlateSeal Incubation Film

Ideal for ELISA assays, incubation and general use. Designed to seal both Polystyrene and polypropylene plates. Minimizes evaporation, reduces cross-contamination and prevents spillage. Also useful as a simple cover to protect samples from external contamination, dust and particles. Available sterile and non-sterile.

STERILE PlateSeal Easy-to-Pierce Foil

Featuring excellent seal performance and the same easy handling features of the standard PlateSeal Chemically Resistant Foil, these foil seals are extremely easy to pierce, enabling the quick and efficient unsealing of your laboratory containers. Designed for flat-top polypropylene plates. Available Sterile and non-sterile.

PlateSeal Chemically Resistant Foil

Designed for standard (non-optical) PCR, long-term compound storage, light sensitive assays and robotics, PlateSeal chemically-resistant foil allows visual verification of seal security. Pierceable with pipette tips, robotic probes and needles, this foil will remove easily and cleanly from plate surfaces without tearing. Features one end-tab with perforations for ease of handling.

PlateSeal Clear Polyester Film, 1X8 PCR SealStrip

Economical & user-friendly, these films are designed for PCR and qPCR thermal cycling. Precision cut to a smaller dimension for sealing one PCR 8-tube strip, these provide a secure seal which minimizes sample loss, with evaporation rates that outperform strip caps.

PlateSeal Clear Polyester Film, Extra Strong Adhesive

Designed for PCR and qPCR thermal cycling and general storage. This film features heat-resistant polyester with high rigidity for easier handling. Enjoy the universal fit, which enables use on flat-top, raised-rim and deep-well polypropylene plates, and the smaller dimensions which result in no plate overhang.

PlateSeal Breathable Film

The breathability of this film facilitates air and CO2 exchange. Made from a hydrophobic, gas permeable membrane with a medical grade, non-cytotoxic adhesive for cell, tissue and bacterial cultures, the porous membrane features two end-tabs for easy handling, application and removal.

PlateSeal Applicator

The PlateSeal sealing applicator has been designed for use with both flat-top and raised-rim plates, this ensures a good, pressure-sensitive seal which gives you the best performance on the seals in your laboratory. Reusable and autoclavable.

PlateSeal Optically Clear Polyolefin Film, Pressure-Activated Adhesive

A polyolefin film ideal for real-time qPCR and protein crystallography due to its high optical clarity and low auto-fluorescence. Pressure-activated silicone adhesive gives an extremely strong seal and minimizes evaporation, which makes this product a great choice for long-term compound storage. The pressure-sensitive surface and non-tacky adhesive simplify handling prior to sealing too.

PlateSeal Pierceable Film, 96-Well Adhesive-Free Zones

A multilayer film which features a pierceable clear polyethylene film and a white polypropylene sublayer with 96 circular holes that do not contain adhesive. Having these adhesive-free zones enables multi-channel pipetting but without the adhesive interfering in the process. Features two end-tabs with perforations to make ease of handling a key feature.

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