HTL Pipettes supplied by Interlab

With over 35 years of experience designing and producing quality manual dosing systems, HTL (Corning) is a world leader in liquid handling dispensers. These liquid handling dispensers include pipettes, pipette controllers, syringe dispensers and accessories. Interlab Ltd New Zealand stocks a range of HTL pipettes and accessories for your convenience.

For more information or to order your HTL Pipettes, please contact us on or fax: 04 939 6170 or just give us a FREE call 0508 331 331. You can also order online by clicking here.

Interlab stocks the following HTL Pipette Products:

Variable Volume Pipettes

Interlabs Variable volume Pipettes feature:

  • User Recalibration
  • A Robust Design
  • Universal Shafts
  • Colour -coded rings for volume identification
  • 5 and 10 ml shafts protected by filter
  • Easy “in-lab” calibration
  • Clear and easy to read numbers
  • UV Resistant

Interlab offers single-channel Pipette Starter packs for each pipettes series, which includes

  • 4 Pipettes of your choice
  • 1 x 4 place Liner stand FREE


DISCOVERY COMFORT pipettes combine the highest level of accuracy and precision with traditional design to make the pipetting experience comfortable and safe the pipettes are available in single and multichannel version. MORE INFORMATION

  • Low Pipetting forces and ergonomic design prevent RSI
  • Smooth volume setting with volume locking
  • Excellent precision in long pipetting
  • Perfect tip sealing with minimal effort
  • Fully autoclavable
  • 360° manifold for optimal working comfort
  • Volume locking prevents accidental counter shift

Video: Discovery Comfort Pipette Calibration

Check out Interlabs range of DISCOVERY COMFORT series


OPTIPETTE pipette series feature a slim handle, high accuracy and precision rates combined with their tremendous robustness. Its design provides excellent ergonomics & safety.

The new pipetting mechanism allows for the precise and effortless setting of pipette volume. Winding the counter from min to max can be performed with one hand in minimal time.

  • Soft spring system reducing pipetting forces
  • Autoclavable lower parts
  • Built for comfort during a particularly strenuous pipetting session while maintaining their reliability and precision.

Check out Interlabs range of OPTIPETTE series


DISCOVERY PRO pipette series is uniquely dedicated to three features: ergonomics, accuracy and precision. Lightweight construction, contours shape of the handle and finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue (RSI). The tip ejection force is reduced by more than 30%, in comparison with traditional pipette construction thanks to the unique push-button leaver

Modern design & innovative constriction guarantee thermal insulation of internal parts.

  • Eliminates the risk of heat transfer to the inner mechanism of the pipette
  • Improves accuracy
  • Ultra-low pipetting forces
  • 4-digit counter that remains visible during work
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Volume locking prevents accidental counter shift
  • DISCOVERY PRO pipettes are compatible with virtually all brands of tips

Video: Discovery Pro Pipette Calibration

Check out Interlabs range of DISCOVERY PRO series

Fixed Volume Pipettes

The Clinipet+ Fixed Volume pipettes are available in 33 models from 2µl up to 1000µl The handle mechanism has been specially designed for fixed volume pipettes. The pipette features reduced pipetting forces and excellent accuracy precision combined with highly durable, UV resistant and fully autoclavable body.

  • Low pipetting forces prevent RSI
  • Guarantee highest mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Unique tip sealing system
  • Sliding tip ejector button – perfect for right and left-handed people. Reduces tip ejection forces
  • Easily removable tip ejector allows working with narrow tubes

Check out Interlabs Full range of Clinipet+ series

Multi Dispensing Pipettes

Interlab stocks the Minilab Multi Dispensing pipette and syringes. These have revolutionized pipetting work. They allow for up to 48 dispensing steps from a single syringe filling while maintaining accuracy even with multiple dispensed doses. Disposable syringes can be applied to the Minilab 201 dispenser which prevents cross-contamination and speeds up repetitive pipetting work. The ergonomic design of the dispenser handle and the pushbutton makes prolonged pipetting effortless and with minimal strain.

The Minilab Multi Dispensing Pipette is maintenance free and compatible with most syringes.


Interlab Ltd New Zealand stocks various accessories for use with your HTL (Corning) Pipettes. For convenient storage of your HTL pipettes, Interlab stocks a wide range of single and multiple stands. Our stands also include the rotating pipettor stands that can house six or eight pipettes. Along with the stands, Interlab stocks the pipette hangers for the Clinipet+, Optipette, Discovery Comfort and Discovery Pro ranges. Interlab stocks filters for the various sizes of pipettes.

For more information on the HTL (corning) products, the team at Interlab would love to hear from you.

Please contact us at or fax: 04 939 6170 or just give us a FREE call at 0508 331 331. You can also order online by clicking here.

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