Hot Air Sterilizer – For use with the Disinfection of Face Masks!

As countries in the world are currently struggling with a shortage of personal protective equipment in the healthcare system, in order to reduce these deficiencies, there has been recommended methods for the disinfection of the face masks allowing their reuse. This process can be carried out with a standard drying ovens / laboratory sterilizers.
*The only places where you cannot re-use protective equipment (even sanitized) is operating rooms

1. MNS masks called “surgical masks”

  • Purpose: to protect third parties (not the wearer), primarily to protect the patient. These masks are used in most healthcare facilities.
  • However for a daily hospital duties or in stationary care, they are ideal. In case of external protection in daily work in hospital wards, clinics or care facilities, reuse is possible. Personalized use is required. In case of using in an operating room or in interventional surgery, reuse is generally not possible.
  • Disinfecting the masks is possible by using a dry heat (at 65-70°C for 30 minutes)

2. Respiratory masks as personal protective equipment, protecting against corona-viruses, with the filter function (masks FFP 2 and FFP 3)

  • Oposite to the medical face masks, these masks are used to protect the user.
  • These masks are mandatory to protect medical personnel.
  • Disinfecting the masks is possible using dry heat (at 65-70 °C for 30 minutes).

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