When it comes to histology equipment, there are a few very important considerations. Since histology equipment is used to prepare and examine tissues, they need to keep a consistent temperature to protect the integrity of the specimens. Interlab is renowned for the quality of our laboratory equipment, including our histology equipment. The materials used to manufacture our histology equipment is of the highest quality, to strict specifications that adhere to safety standards. Interlab’s superior quality, proven performance and cost-effectiveness is the reason that we dominate the market in New Zealand for laboratory equipment, including histology equipment.

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Cover Glass

Interlab is the premier supplier of cover glass to laboratories all over New Zealand. Our Cover Glass is manufactured from super white glass that ensures clarity and excellent optical properties. Interlab’s histology glass is CE Certified and recommended for manual workflow in histology, cytology, urinalysis and microbiology. Interlab also stocks Haemacytometer Cover Glass, with polished edged and clipped corners to prevent abrasions and reduces risks of infection or cuts to laboratory personnel.

Dissection Tools & Instruments

Interlab’s dissection tool range is manufactured from the highest quality materials, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your lab. We supply feather microtome blades, dissecting scissors and forceps in various sizes.



Histology Embedding Cassettes

Interlab’s Histology Embedding Cassettes are made from Polyoxymethylene (POM) which make them resistant to histology chemicals and solvents. The histology cassettes have different lids that are specially designed to make opening and closing easy, ensuring that there is no specimen loss. The histology embedding cassettes have two large labelling areas on cassette sides and one slanted front writing surface, with a 45° angle. This ensures that the cassettes are adaptable to most cassette labellers.

Microscope Slides

Interlab’s microscope slides are manufactured from high-quality super-grade green glass and super white glass for excellent optical properties, which also ensure clarity. These microscope slides are frosted in various colours and the colour frost is resistant to all common chemicals and routine stains that are used in the laboratory. There are options of 45° Corners or 90° Corners. We also have Double Cavity Microscope slides with ground edges.


Slide Accessories

Interlab provides a range of accessories to go along with your microscope slides including slide boxes, slide storage trays, slide staining jars and slide mailers some accessories come in various colours to ensure the integrity of your specimens is maintained throughout the handling and transportation of your slides. Have a look at our Tungsten Point Lab Pen as well.

To view our full range of histology consumables, CLICK HERE

To view our full range of histology equipment, CLICK HERE

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