Interlab knows that a laboratory needs a pH/Multi-function meter. Here are our reasons:

  1. Accurate
  2. Reliable
  3. Simple to use
  4. Saves Time – Multi-Function meters allow multiple measurements on one meter in a short amount of time
  5. Reduce Costs – Purchasing one Multi-Function meter for all your testing saves money as you don’t need multiple devices for your testing, calibration is also faster
  6. Portability – Interlabs pocket meters are perfect for field trips, each meter comes in a carrying case for ease of transportation and protects the meter and accessories


Various industries need to test pH, from farming to pharmaceuticals, food industry to water testing. With such different applications and demands, there is a wide variety of specifications required for your pH and multi-function meters. Thus you need to have the quality in bench-top, waterproof, handheld and portable meters. View our full range here.

Our range of pH Meters includes the following:

Bench-top Meters:

pH / ORP / Conductivity / TDS / Salt / DO / Temperature,With Built-In Stirrer and USB Data Output

For reliable routine measurements, a bench-top multi-function meter is a great solution. Interlab has a range that is specialized to not only give you accurate pH measurements but addresses a range of measurement requirements for accuracy, performance and reproducibility.

Check out Interlabs full range of Bench-top Meters

Handheld and Portable pH and Multi-Function Meters:

pH / ORP / Conductivity / TDS / Salt / DO / Temperature

To measure pH or a particular measurement accurately in any situation at any time, you need a handheld meter. Interlab offers you a variety of choices, suited to your needs. All handheld pH Meters has a digital display, designed for easy measurement and are fast reliable and accurate.

The Pocket meters are designed to be waterproof and impact-resistance, some float on water.

Check out Interlabs Full Range of Portable and Hand Help Meters

For your pH Meter needs, get in touch with Interlab today. We have a great online ordering system which you can find right here.

You can also order via email: fax: 04 939 6170 or just give us a FREE call 0508 331 331

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