Have you ever.. ?

  • Had to repeat sample preparation because of solvent evaporation after injections?
  • Suffered from instrument downtime due to adhesive build up on injection needles?
  • Considered a cost effective replacement for expensive silicon mats?

There are multiple PlateSeal foils and films that can make your life in the laboratory easier. For example the QuickApply Dispenser, that has pre-scored sheets on a roll, to make your workflow more economic and efficient. Or the self-closing RAPID Slit Sealing Film, for less evaporation and to prevent contamination. All films and foils feature custom adhesives for each application requirement.

Interlab’s range of sealing films and the necessary accessories

Every scientist will find the right PlateSeal for their specific needs. The previously mentioned Slit Sealing Film is adhesive-free, pre-cut, made of silicone and PET. That allows easy insertion and withdrawal of pipette tips and sampling needles without dragging.

Other foils have characteristics that are perfect for long-term storage, because they are designed for light sensitive assays and robotics to endure temperatures from -80 degrees up to +120 degrees. You can see how well they seal around each well of the polypropylene plates and they feature end-tabs with perforations to simplify the handling, application and removal.

New Zealand’s leading scientific and laboratory equipment supplier offers a wide range of PlateSeal products. The application areas for our seals include automated processes, working with bacterial cultures, chromatography, protein crystallography, PCR and qPCR. Films for bacterial, cell and tissue cultures e.g. have a hydrophobic, gas permeable membrane with medical grade. The porous membrane consists of layers of heat welded, non-woven rayon fibers to facilitate air and CO2 exchange.

Interlab also provides accessories which simplify and accelerate your workflow. Choose between an applicator, designed for flat-top and raised-rim plates, which ensures uniform pressure-sensitive sealing or a roller, which is autoclavable and seales flat-top plates with uniform pressure around all wells. Of course both are reusable.

New Product: PlateSeal Chemically Resistant Foil 

This new add to our range provides a lower evaporation rate, is chemically resistant and removes cleanly from the plate. It is designed for standard (non-optical) PCR, long-term storage, light sensitive assays and robotics. The conformable foil allows visual verification of seal security around each well. On top of that it features excellent chemical resistance to DMSO. It is pierceable with pipet tips, robotic probes and needles. To guarantee stress free handling, it removes cleanly from plate surfaces without tearing and has a universal fit for both flat-top and raised-rim polypropylene plates. This foils smaller dimensions and chamfered corners result in no plate overhang for robotics applications and tidy and clean plate stacking in tight storage conditions.

Take a look at our full range of sealing film products here.

Choosing the right product for your application for Plate Seal brand:

Interactive Seal Selection Tool

Selection Guide By attribute

Selection Guide by Application

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