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Viscosity measuring Overhead Stirrer

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Torque measuring function

Viscosity measuring function

  • It is completed by extensive testing with viscosity standard solutions from Brookfield, so EVO OS1 guarantees 15% deviation

Target Viscosity function

  • EVO OS1 can mix sample to a designated viscosity within the available range, upon reaching to target viscosity, stirring is automatically stopped

User-friendly display

  • EVO OS1 displays Speed/Timer/Torque/Viscosity simultaneously

Belt—type gear system

  • Powerful motor for soft and powerful operation
  • 3-ratio of gear enables various range of viscosity—max. 150,000mPas

High durability

  • Chrome-plated anti-rust chuck

High stability

  • “Anti—trembling” function for impeller

High-fidelity LCD display (Graphic icons for each mode)

Jog—Dial controller and electrostatic touch—type mode button

Safety functions

  • Overload & Heat Protector for Motor/Error Code Display
Model  Option A. EVO OS1-10 Option B. EVO OS1-15 Option C. EVO OS1-20
Stirring Capacity  Max .25Lit. (H2O ) Max .40Lit. (H2O ) Max .60Lit. (H2O )
Maximum Viscosity  70,000mPas  100,000mPas  150,000mPas 
Maximum Torque  130Ncm  195Ncm  293Ncm 
Gear Rate  2.0 : 1 3.0 : 1 4.5 : 1
Speed  Range  30 to 2,000(3000)rpm 20 to 1,200rpm 15 to 800rpm
Resolution  5 rpm -display /5 rpm -control
Motor  Direct-driven, Real-Time DC motor 
Motor Rating (Input /Output ) 200W / 160W 
Timer /Alarm  99hr59min/Error status, Timer -end 
Controller  Digital Fuzzy Controller w /Electrostatic Touch button +Jog -dial 
Display  High Fidelity LCD with Back -Light function 
Viscosity Measuring Range  10,000 to 100,000mPas (15%Deviation )
Max ,impeller shaft diameter  10mm
Other Special Functions  Torque Measuring in real time/Viscosity measuring function. Target Viscosity function /Real-Time Monitoring by USB port
Permissible temp./RH % 0 to 40°C /80%RH 
Material  ABS and Aluminum 
Safety Device  Overload & Heat Protector for Motor /Error Code Display 
Power Consumption  280W 
Dimension /Weight  80x194x245mm, 3.95Kg 80x194x245mm, 4.0Kg 80x194x245mm , 4.6Kg
Packing size /Gross weight  310x365x135mm, 4.57kg 310x365x135mm, 4.62Kg 310x365x135mm, 4.68Kg
Power supply  AC230V ,50/60Hz,1P
Set models Include  Impeller /Standard plate stand /Clamp 


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