Rapid EPS Seal

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Easy Piercing Seal 100 sheets/pk
  • Organic solvent resistance:DMSO, AcCN, MeOH
  • No needle blockage
  • No stickiness to needles of auto samplers
  • Easy penetration without much pressure
  • Easy piercing and peeling off
  • No residual adhesive on micro plates after peeling off
  • High airtightness
  • No cross contamination between wells
  • Thermal stability between ?80? to 80?: Stable adhesiveness to well plates at lower temperature
  • Applicable for well plates based on SBS format including 96, 384 and 1536


Have you ever been

  • Irritaed with needle blockage?
  • Frustrated with comtamination because of adhesive elution into samples?
  • Annoyed with extra maintenance of LC?
  • Dismayed by loss of sealing when storerd at -80°C?

Rapid easy piercing plate seal is for you!

Easy Piercing Seal (EPS) punctures easily to prevent needle clogging or damage. In addition, no adhesive residues are left on the plate or injector needle. The EPS plate seal is made of polyolefin and is highly resistant to organic solvents. Some suggested applications are HPLC and LC/MS.


  • HPLC users who have experienced needle blockage and adhesive residue on the needle surface of the autosampler.
  • LC/MS users who have experienced background peaks during high sensitivity analysis due to degradation and elution of adhesive.
  • Researchers who seek easily pierced seals with needles or syringes.


  • Size: 80 mm x 122 mm
  • Material: Polyolefin + synthetic adhesive
  • Functional temperature range: -80 to +80°C

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