PlateSeal Film Optically Clear Polyester

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PS-PETOC-100 – PlateSeal Optically Clear Polyester Film.  Designed for qPCR. Optically clear film is made from heat-resistant polyester and is easy to handle and apply due to its rigidity. Designed for use with raised-rim, non-skirted polypropylene, and dual component (e.g., polycarbonate/polypropylene) PCR plates. Smaller dimensions and chamfered corners result in no plate overhang for plate stacking, ease of handling and tight storage conditions. An extra strong, thick adhesive layer provides a secure seal which reduces evaporation during thermal cycling. Features two end-tabs with perforations for ease of handling, application, and removal. Certified DNase- & RNase- free. Not recommended for removal post cycling.

Film:  Polyester, 50.8µm, 2.0mil

Adhesive:  Acrylic, 29.2µm, 1.15mil

Functional temperature range:  -40°C to +120°C

Usable dimensions:  118.1mm x 77.8mm




qPCR (Real-Time)

Plate / Tube Type

Flat-Top Microplates, Raised-Rim Microplates

Product Attribute

DNase & RNase Free, Optically Clear

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