PlateSeal Film Clear Polypropylene 1×8 SealStrips Sterile

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New Product!! Replaces SealPlate MiniStrips (2×8).  Covers 1 row per strip.  Provides lower evaporation rate and removes cleanly from the plate.

Designed to seal polystyrene plates during ELISA assays and general incubation in order to minimize evaporation, reduce cross-contamination and prevent spillage. Die cut to a smaller dimension for sealing one 8-well row at a time. SealStrips can be peeled and applied individually or two-at-a-time. Designed to be used with either strip-well plates or 96-well plates whenever rows must be selectively protected or accessed, and can be used as a secondary film to seal previously pierced wells. Each sheet contains 8 strips on a continuous backing liner. Features two end-tabs with perforations for ease of handling, application and removal. Certified DNase- & RNase- free.

  • Film: Polypropylene, 50.8µm, 2mil
  • Functional temperature range: -40°C to +120°C
Adhesive: Acrylic, 24.1µm, 0.95mil
Usable dimensions: 82.6mm x 9.5mm
** 1x Expiry 06/2021 ** 
** 1x Expiry 02/2024 **  





ELISA / Incubation / General Purpose

Plate / Tube Type

Flat-Top Microplates, PCR 8-Tube Strips / Strip Wells / Single Plate Row

Product Attribute

DNase & RNase Free, Transparent

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