POL-EKO Drying Ovens Forced Convection

Categories: SKU: POL-EKO-SLW

Drying ovens are designed to provide high temperatures up to 300°C.


– thermal resistance analysis of building materials
– electronic and electro-technical components
– tests of properties of products subjected to high temperatures
– drying of wires of papermaking machines
– drying of laboratory glass
– general aging and curing
– preheating
– digestion of proteins
– plant tissues drying
– drug metabolism
– paper drying

POL-EKO Forced convection Drying ovens have an optional size range from 15 Litre to 1005 Litre.
For more information, please visit the below link and feel free to be in touch with us to receive a quote on your required size.

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Controlled by a colour touch screen SMART controller. View more information>>

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