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Wide Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System

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MT-108 horizontal electrophoresis units offer many advantages for nucleic acid separation. Agarose gels are easy to cast and samples are easy to load. MT-108’s longer tray allows running of bigger fragments to attain higher resolution. Its moulded design prevents cracks or leakages, and its sturdy PC provides a temperature capacity of up to 130oC. A safety interlocking cover is designed to prevent electrical hazards during electrophoresis runs. It is ideal for many applications, including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis, STS screening, Micro-satellite analysis, PCR fragment analysis, RFLP analysis, DNA fingerprinting and high-throughput analysis

  • Less agarose consumption
  • Less running buffer consumption
  • Multichannel pipette-compatible
  • Single molded tank
  • Safety & Ventilation lid
  • High temperature capability, 130oC
  • Easy sample loading
  • Great indications for gel making and running
  • No tapes, clamps or springs needed for gel casting
  • No direct heat impact from power supply unit
  • Two tray options available
  • Cast 3 pieces of agarose gel in at one time


MT-108 is offered as a complete system for the user to cast, and run electrophoresis.  Including:

  • 1 x Transparent tank and transparent lid
  • 1 x MT-G01 (Gel Maker Stand)
  • 1 x MT-T01 (105x83mm Tray)
  • 2 x MT-T02 (50x83mm Tray)
  • 1 x MJ-C01 (Double side comb: 8 teeth x 2 & 17 teeth; 12 teeth x 2 & 25 teeth)
  • 1 x MT-C03 (Multiple pipette compatible 23 teeth, Prep 1 & Marker 2, Prep 2 & Marker 2; 6 teeth x 2 for mini gel & 12 teeth for midi gel)
  • 1 x Black & red electrophoresis cable

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