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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers

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This hotplate magnetic stirrer’s ergonomic design ensures efficiency during operation, while the Certificate & Traceability system, controlled by a serial number, guarantees authenticity and reliable data.

The high-quality solid ceramic glass plate of the MSH500 is heat-, chemical-, and acid-resistant, making it easy to clean. The optimum insulation fourfold layer, comprising BTU, ceramic paper, and two SUS insulation layers, ensures safe and efficient heating. Powered by a brushless shade motor and a powerful magnet, this hotplate magnetic stirrer ensures strong stirring and precise speed control with minimal noise. With a maximum temperature of 500 and microprocessor PID control, it is perfect for a variety of lab applications, including sample drying.

The patented controller features a “Jog-Dial” and main touch button for durability, mobility, and convenient operation, complemented by a back-light function. Two internal K-type temperature sensors operate independently for accurate temperature control and user safety. The MSH500 incorporates user-friendly features such as a Hot Top Indicator LED Lamp for surface temperature warnings, a self-compensation function to control temperature differences, and a storage function for set values like temperature and timer.

With additional safety measures like a PT100 sensor for accurate temperature control of the sample and a locking mode for experimental safety, the MSH500 ensures a reliable and secure laboratory environment. Minimized noise and improved product life further contribute to the overall efficiency of this hotplate magnetic stirrer. The MSH500 also comes with Product Liability (PL) Insurance, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in its safety.


The Set option is supplied complete with 1 Stir bar, Temp. Probe, Rod, Holder, and Clamp.
Using the set option is an excellent way of maintaining the correct temperature of your solution. The unit adjusts its temperature based on the external probe reading rather than the ceramic plate temp.

  MaXtir  MSH500
Material Body Powder Coated Aluminum
Plate Solid Ceramic Glass Plate, 200 × 200mm
Stirring Capability Max. 20L
Speed & Control Resolution 80 ~ 1,500 rpm, 5 rpm
Temp. Range & Accuracy Max. 500℃, ±0.3℃ at Set Temperature
Temp. Resolution 0.1℃-Display, 0.5℃-Control
Temp. Uniformity Specially Designed Heating Module: Temp. Difference 10% less
Heating Power / Consumption 850W
Timer & Alarm 99h 59m (with Continuous run.), Error status & Timer-end
Display Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
Controller Digital Feedback Controller with Jog Dial (Turn+Push) and Touch button.
Stirring Bar 3cm bar-included, Usable: up to 5cm bar
Safety Circuit Over-Temp. Protection, Hot Top Indicator LED Lamp
Included Standard Acc. 1ea Stir Bar
Permissible Temp. & RH % Ambient +5 ~ 50°C, 85% RH
Dimensions & Weight (w×d×h) 200 × 332 × 114mm, 3.8kg
Electrical Reqts. AC 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz

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