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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

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The EVOHS1 boasts a powerful and precise stirring function, thanks to its strong magnetic drive. The “Slow start function” ensures stability and a long life cycle, allowing for consistent and reliable performance over time. With high chemical resistance and a specially designed heat line, this hotplate magnetic stirrer achieves excellent temperature uniformity for your tasks.

In the event of stirring failure, the EVOHS1 is smartly equipped to detect and recover automatically, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. For added convenience, the EVOHS1-Set introduces two control modes – “water” and “oil.” The oil mode accommodates different thermal conductivity samples, such as silicone oil, expanding the range of tasks you can undertake. To enable these control modes, an external temperature sensor is included in the set.

Navigating and controlling the EVOHS1 is straightforward with its jog-dial controller featuring an electrostatic touch-type mode button and a high-fidelity LCD display. Graphic icons for each mode make operation intuitive and user-friendly. It also incorporates over-heat, load, and current protection mechanisms to ensure the safety of both your products and samples. 

Plate size 180 × 180mm
Operation mode   Water and Oil mode available
Plate Material Ceramic coated aluminium
Body Material Powder coated aluminium
Stirring Capacity Max. 20L
Motor Brushless DC motor
Speed range 80 to 1,500 rpm
Speed resolution 5 rpm
Temp. range/accuracy Max. 400°C / ±0.3°C
Temp. resolution 0.1°C-display, 0.1°C-control
Heating output/consumption 600W / 650W
Timer/Alarm 99h 59m/Error status, Timer-end
Display High fidelity LCD with Black-Light function
Controller Digital fuzzy controller w/Electrostatic Touch button + Jog-dial
Stirring bar usable up to 50mm
Permissible temp./RH % ambient +5 ~ 40°C/80% R
Safety device Over-heat/load/current/protection
Dimension/Weight 180 × 325 ×110mm/3.43kg 180 × 325 ×110mm/3.9kg
Packing size/Gross weight 285 × 400 ×170mm/4.13kg 285 × 400 ×170mm/4.6kg
Power supply AC120V, 60Hz or AC230V, 50/60Hz, 1P
Standard accessories   Temp. probe/stand rod/clamp holder
Warranty 3-year warranty

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