J-QUANT® Semi-Quantitative Test Strips are globally known for their accuracy and quality. They provide semi-quantitative results for ions, organic compounds, inorganic compounds and match the ever demanding needs of a rapid test. Laboratory costs and time can be lowered by a substantial amount given the information they provide as a first-phase test.

More than 20 products from part of the J-QUANT® range within which there may be more than one test for the same compound to cover different ranges. This brings the total to 36 individual tests. These extra convenient J-QUANT® test strips allow the end user to carry out quality checks and in-process determinations ranging from as little as 1 mg/I to 10mg/I and from 0-180 seconds, depending on the test.

Portable and easy to handle, these 'labs on a stick' contain all the necessary reagents and consumables to be ready for use straight out of the packaging. With no calibration required, J-QUANT® test strips are beyond doubt, highly complex products that can be used anywhere and disposed of easily due to low levels of impregnated reagents and the plastic strip.

These tests provide precise measurements of chemical compounds that have been calibrated with laboratory approved standards and a high accuracy colour chart.

Quality Assurance

Johnson Test Papers calibrate and test all of its tests using certified standard solutions. These standard solutions can be traced back directly to primary reference materials originating from NIST. This helps them to maintain consistently high-quality products.

Advantages of J-QUANT® test strips

  • Fast and easy results
  • Easy to Handle for on the spot results
  • Wide Range of tests
  • Ideal for an indication - saving time and cost