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U-Pette Dispenser

Categories: SKU: 7626-500-000-9

U-Pette™ Blood Dispenser
U-Pette provides a quick and easy way to dispense blood into a test cassette
without removing the cap from the collection tube. This greatly reduces the
risk of infection due to aerosol exposure. U-Pette’s flexible sides allow for
efficient and precise delivery of required sample amount, whether it’s one
droplet or continuous flow dispensing. Labcon’s U-Pette fits all standard
blood collection tubes and is ideal for use with many Point-Of-Care
analyzers that require the delivery of a sample to a test cartridge or cassette.
• New ergonomic design for more control
• Ideal for Point-of-Care (POC) use with any analyzer
• Minimizes aerosols and reduces the risk of lab-acquired infections
• Safe to use at patient bedside
• Fits all standard blood collection tubes

Non-Pyrognenic and Endotoxin Free
ATP Free
Rnase/Dnase Free
Certifies Low Trace Metals

500 per Box

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