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Thermo Shaker Incubator for 4x plates

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Thermo Shaker for Microplates
MB100-4A is designed for shaking 1-4 standard 96 Well Plates in the Thermostating Mode. They are designed using the multi-principal which allows using it as 2 independent devices:
  1. Incubator for lasting incubation without shaking of micro-quantities (insect plant cell cultures etc.) in immunoplates
  2. Microplate thermo-shaker for immunochemistry and molecular diagnostics where requirements to the result reproducibility and thus to the precise method regulation are particularly high.

A distinctive featuer for the MB100-4A is two-side heating of microtest plates that allows achieving exact correspondence of the set and actual temperature in wells of the microtest plates.

– This device can be used in:
  1. Cytochemistry – for situ reactions
  2. Immunochemistry – for immunofermentative reactions
  3. Biochemistry – for enzyme and protein analysis
  4. Molecular Chemistry – for matrix analysis
– Specifications –
Model MB100-4A

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