PlateSeal Film QuickSeal Applicator System with Breathable FilmSterile – Clearance

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The QuickSeal Applicator System includes a reusable applicator and two rolls of perforated film. Cost effective replacement rolls are sold separately. The applicator facilitates the quick and easy dispensing of film from a roll allowing microplates to be sealed three times faster than using sheeted films.
Designed to seal polystyrene plates in order to minimize evaporation, reduce contamination and facilitate air and CO2 exchange. Features a hydrophobic, gas permeable membrane with medical grade, non-cytotoxic adhesive for cell, tissue and bacterial cultures. The porous membrane consists of layers of heat welded, non-woven rayon fibers with a pore size of 10 to 50 microns, and a moisture vapor transmission rate equal to 4,200gms/m2/24hrs. Easy-to-pierce with serological pipets and pipet tips for direct sample recovery. QuickSeal film rolls are environmentally friendly; there is no protective backing paper to remove and discard.
The reusable polypropylene applicator protects the sealing film from dust and contaminants and can be stood on end when not in use to minimize space. Each sheet is separated by an adhesive-free, colour-coded band which allows the user to pull the next sheet without touching the adhesive. Once the film is adhered to the plate, the seal can be perforated from the roll by squeezing the dispenser, in order to prevent the release of additional sheets, and moving it sideways to initiate separation of the sheet from the roll. The smooth lower surface or back-side of the applicator can be used to seal the film to the plate. Replacement rolls can be easily installed by releasing the locking clasps to open the applicator.
Cat. No. Description Qty/Roll
PS-RA-100KS QuickSeal Applicator System, 1 Applicator, 2 Breathable Film Rolls, Sterile 50
PS-RA-100RS QuickSeal Replacement Rolls, Breathable Film, 2 Rolls, Sterile 50
  • Material: Rayon & Acrylic Adhesive, 139.7µm, 5.5mil (Total)
  • Functional temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
  • Usable dimensions: 123.8mm x 82.6mm
  • 100pk (50 per roll, x2 Rolls)

** Expiry 11/22 **


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Cell / Tissue / Bacterial Culture

Plate / Tube Type

Flat-Top Microplates

Product Attribute

Breathable, Pierceable

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