Benchtop Meter. pH/MV/Conductivity/TDS/Salt/Temp with Stirring Function

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pH / MV / Conductivity / TDS / Salt / Temperature Bench-Top Meter, with stirring function.

Pack includes pH electrode, DO Probe, Temperature Probe, Standard Solution, AC/DC adaptor, Electrode Holder, Electrolyte, USB software and connection cable


  • Microprocessor based design, rugged housing with splash proof keyboard.
  • The large backlight LCD displays pH or ORP or Conductivity or DO and Temperature simultaneously.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC), Manual Salinity(MSC) and Altitude(MAC) Compensation.
  • Memory function stores and recalls up to 150 points. MAX/MIN and data Lock. Degree °C/°F are switchable.
  • The TDS value is determined by multiplying a conductivity reading by a known ratio in the range of 0.50 to 1.00.
  • Output data for capturing on PC directly via USB.
  • Stirring function included.


  pH ORP Conductivity  
Range -2.00~16.00 pH -1999 ~ -200 mV
-199.9 ~ 499.9mV
500 ~ 2000mV
0.0~ 199.9µS
200~ 1999 µS
2.00~ 19.99 mS
20.0~ 100.0 mS@25°C
Accuracy ±0.01 + 1 digit ±0.2+ 1 digit ±2% FS  
Resolution 0.01 pH 0.1/1 mV 0.1/1µS/0.01/0.1 mS  
Compensation ATC: 0~100°C   ATC: 0~60°C  
  TDS Salt Temp
Range 0.0~131.9 ppm
132~1319 ppm
1.32-13.19 ppt
13.2~66.0 ppt
0.0~99.9 ppm
100~999 ppm
1.00~9.99 ppt
10.0~50.0 ppt
0~ 110°C
Accuracy ±2% FS ±2% FS ±0.2+ 1 digit
Resolution 0.1/1ppm/0.01/0.1ppt 0.1/1ppm/0.01/0.1ppt 0.1°C
Compensation ATC: 0~60°C ATC: 0~60°C  
Power 9V DC (AC Adaptor)
Dimensions 103 x 145 x 32 mm without electrode holder
Weight 700g (meter only)

Accessories for Complete Kit:

pH glass electrode
Conductivity cell
Temp. Probe
Standard Solution
Electrode Holder
Software and USB cable
DC/AC adaptor
Instruction Manual
Gift Box
Stirring Function
Testing Parameters

Conductivity, mV, PH, Salt, TDS, Temp

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