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Pipette Filler. Swift Pro

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SwiftPet Pro Pipette Controller with Charging Stand
0.5-100 ml range. LCD display indicates setting options and level of battery charge. Ea.

Within the last few years HTL has become one of the world leaders in manufacturing of pipette controllers. These precise, motor powered, electronic tools, designed to work with glass or plastic pipettes from the range of 0.5ml to 100ml, feature all characteristics necessary for accurate and convenient handling of larger liquid volumes. HTL pipette controllers are renowned for their ergonomic design, highly efficient motor allowing for fast aspiration and dispense of large volumes combined with sensitive valves ensuring full control and precision while dispensing even the smallest samples.New SWIFTPET PRO is equipped with the LCD display and charging stand.

  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Suitable for glass & plastic volumetric pipettes 0,5-100 ml
  • Protected by exchangeable, autoclavable filter
  • LCD display for settings control
  • Work mode selection switches
  • Fingertip speed control for precise aspiration & dispensing
  • Easy access to the batteries
  • Supplied with charging stand
  • UV resistant

Pipetting Never Felt So Good

SWIFTPET PRO is a revolutionary engine powered pipetting aid with LCD display designed for cordless work with glass or plastic pipettes in the 0.5-100 ml range. While designing the SWIFTPET PRO we made users convenience a priority. Carefully modeled lightweight handle, together with smooth pushbuttons and switches located “right where they are needed” guarantee effortless pipetting even during extensive use. LCD display indicates setting options and level of battery charge.


Adjust It To Suit Your Work

Easily accessible switches of SWIFTPET PRO allow choosing different operation mode depending on the volume of pipette and viscosity of liquid. For liquid aspiration the user can choose HIGH or LOW work speed and additionally adjust the suction by the pressure applied to the trigger button. Dispensing can be carried out by gravity (GRAV) or supported by pump (BLOW) which empties the pipette with blow out. The settings are shown on the LCD display.


No Worries About Safety

Many pipette controllers are not sufficiently protected against overfilling. When an aggressive liquid enters the body of a pipetting aid it may damage the tool or constitute a threat to the users health. Therefore we have equipped the SWIFTPET PRO with PTFE filter blocking any liquid from entering the unit. To protect your samples from cross contamination, filters and pipette holders can be easily exchanged and autoclaved.


Always Ready for Action

Powerful, environmentally friendly 3 Ni-MH batteries enables many hours of continuous work. The LCD display indicates when SWIFTPET PRO should be recharged. The SWIFTPET PRO is supplied with comfortable charging stand suitable for bench or wall mounting.



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