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Large Benchtop Shaking Incubator

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With precise temperature control, the NB-205L is used for thermophile culture, the experiment of ferment catalyst, microbe/plant cell culture and extraction. The benchtop shaking incubator ensures stable shaking with a gentle drive powered by a Brushless DC (BLDC) and Magnetic Drive, allowing for smooth speed transitions. Its easy platform installation, coupled with excellent temperature control, makes it a user-friendly choice. 



  • STABLE SHAKING & GENTLE DRIVE By BLDC(Brush less DC) & Magnetic Drive

Magnetic DC motor provides stable shaking and makes very low noise & vibration. With no belt connection, replacement of belt is not necessary.

  • Gentle Speed Up and Down

The combination of BLDC magnetic drive and PID control offers smooth drive when speed up & down.

  • Easy & Simple Platform Installation

Screws are not necessary for installing platforms on NB205. Platforms can be fit by only 4 supporters on the corner of the plate For a larger shaker, use two thumb screws to fix.

  • Excellent Temperature Control

Micro Processor PID control and efficient air flow structure provide stable temperature control

Specifications NB-205L
Temp. Range Ambient +5°C to 60°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.25°C at 37°C
Temp. Increment ±0.1°C
Temp. Control Microprocessor Digital PID
Speed Range 30 to 300 rpm
Speed Accuracy ±1rpm
Speed Increment ±1rpm
Time Range Continuous or up to 99h 59min
Time Accuracy ±1%
Motor Plate Type Brushless DC Motor
Drive System Beltless Direct Drive
Orbit Diameter 22mm
Operating Panel Touch Button
Platform Size 450(W)×450(D)mm
Overall Dimensions 510(W)×600(D)×470(H) mm
Power 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 450W
Weight 56kg





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