Automated Membrane Dispenser for MFMCE047045CWP

Categories: SKU: MFDISP005

Automated Membrane Dispenser.

Our Automatic Membrane Dispenser is designed with a compact size making it easy for loading and hands-free, high-speed membrane filter extraction.

– Hands-free (no touch) sterile membrane dispensing.
– Easy loading of sterile membrane rolls.
– Indicates the number of used and remaining membranes.
– High-speed dispensing, <1 second.
– Portable with a compact size.
– Operates with 110/220V or 18650 battery.

300*180*155mm,Net Weight:4.8KGs,
Previous Code MFDISP003

– The Li-ion battery is not included with this machine for safety reasons. The chargeable Li-ion battery can be purchased locally.
– This machine is intended for use with continuous membrane filter rolls only.

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