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Humidity Analyzer

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The new humidity analyser HLV120 saves time and work and improves the speed of the procedures with a:

Fast analysis and great Precision, done in a uniform process and with a better time between measures.

Fast determination of the parameters and ways of drying together with the configuration of automatic and intelligent criteria of auto-off.

Adequate drying without risk of destroying the sample.

High flexibility for the analysis of a wide variety of samples and the storing of data and results.

Editable formats to print the results of the analysis and the statistics of the different samples.

Its high Precision and function of the weighing allows to use also the equipment as a scale of only weight.

This type of equipment needs the appropriate environment:

Limiting its exposition to vibrations the scale achieves a really high repeatability in its analysis.

Excellent Precision in any condition of brightness thanks to the configuration of the contrast and the option of inverting the colours of the display.

Removable pan of samples for its cleaning and protection against the introduction of solid material.

Internal memory to store up to 1000 results ( Method/Batchwise).

The humidity analyzer is ideal as a measurement and analysis equipment for inspections in the entrance of products, lines of production and control of quality.

» Halogen lamp

» Uniform heat and quick analysis

5 modes of programmable drying and increase of eligible temperature ( in mode of drying “steps”).

Graphic representation of the drying: graphic of the results available during the sample process.

» Internal memory

The memory of the internal results allows saving the last 1000 analysis done. It includes a protection with password to prevent the non authorized process to the results and the modification of the parameters of analysis.

» Connectivity

Outing RS232 with format PC/Print. PS2, connection pre-keyboard. Ethernet, optional at request.

USB port for the transmission of data to the PC. Control of the procedure via software. The application allows the user to control the functions through a virtual scale. (Including CD software, for windows x32 bits and x64 bits).

The commands “start log” and “stop log” will allow the user to keep and recover the data in format txt for posterior working with them.

» Switch for the multifunction foot

Functions of the switch with configurable foot start/stop/tare/print/toogle (change of unity).

  • Automatic correction of temperature.
  • Minimum weight of the sample: 0,2g.
  • Humidity resolution: 0,01%.
  • Results % Humidity % solid matter: %M, %D, %R, G/L, %M Atro, %D Atro.
  • GLP: Yes, configurable by the user.
  • Calibration: External.
  • Display type: LCD matricial.
  • Range of temperature of working: 30ºC to 200ºC.
  • Range of temperature of drying: 30ºC to 175ºC.
  • Range of temperature standby: 30ºC to 100ºC.
  • Memory of the drying process: 40 method x 25 results / 1000 batchwise.
  • Viewing of drying: Yes (frontal windows and graphic on screen).
  • criteria of configurable auto switch off: Auto, manual, defined by the user, weight/time, defined by the user per % unity/time, intelligent.
  • User’s passwords: Yes.
  • Language: English.
  • Accessories of series: Gauge of temperature, 25 plates for sample included, dust cover, blister and RS232 cable.
  • Excitation: 230Vac 50 Hz.
  • Net weight: 6,4 kg.
Code #  Capacity (g) Readout (g) Packing dimensions (mm) Packing weight (kg)
260350  120  0,001  325x390x285  7.9 
Balance Parameters

3dp, External Calibration, PC & Printer Connectivity, Percent Weighing



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