SKU: 5360-Parent

Glass Filter Holder Assembly 47mm dia filtration Base

Categories: SKU: 5360-Parent

This is an essential tool in scientific research, quality control, and other laboratory applications where the separation of particles or impurities from liquids or gases is required. It provides a reliable and transparent means of conducting filtration processes with precision and efficiency.

  • Made of borosilicate glass with fritted glass filter base 
  • The base design has an integral vacuum connection located above the filtrate drip to prevent contamination of the vacuum line from droplets 
  • The filtration base has a silicon stopper 
  • Anodised aluminium spring clamp 
  • The filter size is 47mm 
  • The effective filtration area is 9.6 cm  
  • Facilitates analysis of particulate or biological contamination of vacuum filtering liquid 
  • The scaled funnels simplify dosing and analysis
Code Flask Capacity (ml) Funnel Capacity (ml) Filtration Base Size (mm) Pack
5360029 1000 300 47 1
5360030 2000 47 1

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