SKU: LD-110

Drying rack with drip trough and drainage

Categories: SKU: LD-110

Laboratory Wall Hung Drying Rack.  Ea.

  • Non corrosive materials
  • Wall Hung
  • Drip Tray
  • Drain for drip Tray
  • 42 Removable Pegs
  • 72 Holes ( 30 spare plugs supplied)
  • 150mm Long Pegs (standard supplies)
  • Note drain tube at back of rack.
  • 620 high x 490 wide

Serve a dual purpose in a modern laboratory. First, they allow you to quickly dry important, and often fragile, equipment in a sanitary manner. Second, our well-crafted pegboards are a safe place to store often used materials so they are readily at hand when you need them. Wall mounted with in-built drip tray and drain. Made of non-corrosive PVC materials.

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