SKU: BLC-Parent

Dry Bath Blocks for Daihan Dry Baths

Categories: SKU: BLC-Parent
  • Anodized Aluminium
  • Includes Block Extraction Tool
  • Compatible with Daihan Dry Baths
  • 1/pk
Type Description Tube Type
A 96×0.2ml tubes Centrifuge Tube
B 63×0.5ml tubes Centrifuge Tube
C 48×1.5mL tubes Centrifuge Tube
D 48×2.0mL tubes Centrifuge Tube
E 48×Ø 12mm tubes Test Tube
F 30×Ø13mm tubes Test Tube
G 24×Ø16.5mm tubes Test Tube
H 24×Ø18mm tubes Test Tube
I 15×15mL tubes Conical Tube
J 8×50mL tubes Conical Tube

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