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Benchtop Autoclave, Class B

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DAIHAN® 25 & 40 Lit Premium Programmable Bench-top Front Door Steam Sterilizer “Ste.B”, Medicaluse

With Auto-Front Door, Pre- & Post-Vacuum System, Class-B Sterilization, Auto-Microprocessor Control, and Dual Door Lock, 110~135

SQUARE Chamber Autoclave, 2 Perforated Stainless-steel Tray, HEPA Filter, Max 2.30 bar


  • Made in Korea, PL (Product Liability) with Certificate & Traceability: Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate,
  • Class-B Sterilization Cycle by EN13060-2 Standard: Pre-Vacuum Air Removal →
  • Water Filling, Heating, Sterilizing, Ventilation, Post Vacuum Drying, End
  • SS Square Chamber for Corrosion Resistance and Maximum Working Space

– Ideal for Dental Clinic, Hospital, Biotechnology, etc.

– Fully Automatic Process Cycle by High-performance Microprocessor Controller

– Built-in Separate Water Reservoir Supplies Water Automatically

– Self-diagnostic and Safety System:

– Display Error Codes and Audible Alarm – Over Pressure Release Valve

– Automatic and Manual Door Lock System – Over Temp Protector with Thermostat

– Intuitive User Interface (LCD) & Indicator of Working (LED Lamp)


25Ltr, 40Ltr

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