SKU: FEP-200-096

96 Well Elisa Plate Medium Binding Fixed Flat bottom

Categories: SKU: FEP-200-096
96 Well Elisa Plates with Medium Binding
  • Medium Binding 200-300 ngIgG / cm²  Hydrophobic bond / Ionic bond 
  • Passively binds proteins through the hydrophobic bond on the surface.  
  • It is suitable for use as the solid phase carrier of high molecular proteins with a molecular weight greater than 20kD
  • As this kind of ELISA plate has the property of binding only to macromolecules, it is suitable for use as solid-phase carrier of antibodies or antigens not having been purified, reducing the occurrence of potential non-specific cross-reactions.
  • Well surface is uniform smooth and free from striation to eliminate error
  • CV of transmittance is less than 5.00%
  • Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification
  • Flat bottom
  • 10pk

ELISA Plates are optimal products for ELISA and provide reliable performance in binding assays when consistent coating of wells is required

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