8 Key Differential Blood Cell Counter

Categories: SKU: DBC-9D

Digital Differential Blood Cell Counter, 8 Keys

  • Compatible to connect to a printer and save data to an SD card
  • Microprocessor controlled system which offers accurate and simple counts.
  • 8 buttons are alternatively coloured in white and red for easy identification.
  • Each button has a 3-digit LCD window. plus one 3-digit LCD window is for the total amount.
  • Labeled with cell pictures for BASO., EOSIN., MYELO., JUVEN., STAB., SEG., LYMPH., MONO.
  • Buttons click on each count
  • Counter beeps every 100 cells counted.
  • Percentage button to calculate percentages,
  • Reset button to clear counting. 
  • Increase Decrease button to add or take away from count.
  • Function button to adjust the contrast and to monitor the battery energy.
  • The power supply can be 100~240V or 2 pcs of AA battery.
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485

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