SKU: 050020

500ml Membrane Filter Holder. 47mm dia. Polypropylene

Categories: SKU: 050020

500ml Reusable Membrane Filter Holder with Reciever 

Autoclavable, Reusable, Takes 47mm filters 1 ea

Eliminate the need for a manifold or breakable glass vacuum flask.  This reusable filter holder is a complete system made of washable, polysulfone and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable filters. Fully autoclavable, with or without membranes in place.

  • Printed graduations allows easy visualization of sample volume
  • Two side arms allow connection to vacuum line
  • Upper chamber is designed for pressure or vacuum filtration
  • Independent locking rings seal upper chamber to the receiver without damaging the membrane.
  • Chamber accommodates 47 mm membrane.
  • Three ports for venting (with or without syringe filters) and aseptic addition of samples
  • Ports also can be attached to a pressure source




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