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HS 4dp Excellent Precision Scale

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INTENDED USE This scale  is used to define the mass (the weighing value) of the weighed material. It should be treated as a “non-automatic” scale, i.e. the material to be weighed must be carefully placed manually in the centre of the plate. The mass value is read after the scale has been stabilized.

IMPROPER USE This scale is not intended for dynamic weighing, meaning even small amounts of the heavy material are added or removed during use. Due to the existence of the “stabilization compensation” mechanism, the scale may indicate incorrect values! (Example: slow loss of liquid from the container placed on the scale).

If you require Dynamic Weighing please visit the following links.

HA 4dp Analytical High Precision Scale. Extendable Screen

HZ 4dp Analytical High Precision Scale.


  • LCD backlight display, 
  • 8 digits of 15 mm in display with messages as a way to guide the user.
  • 6 keys of direct functions
  • Pan in stainless steel.
  • Scale with transparent glass protector.
  • Adjustable feet. They allow a greater stability, giving more precise results.
  • Bubble level.
  • Time of answer: 4 seconds.
  • Multiple units of measure: g, ct, lb, oz.
  • Available models with internal calibration (261369 and 261370).
  • RS232, for PC and printer.
  • 4 type of data sending to PC: 
    • Continue: data sending in continue mode.    
    • Ald: data sending to PC in stabilized weight.
    • Req: data sending to PC by user request.
    • Manual data sending.
  • Weighing system with electromagnetic compensation block.


  • Piece counting
  • Determination of percentage
Code #  Calibration Capacity (g) Readout (g) Repeatability  Linearity (+/-) Pan dimensions (mm) Packing dimensions (mm) Packing weight (kg)
261367 External 120 0,0001  0,2 mg  0,0004 g  Ø90  370x485x450  7.2
261368 External 210 0,0001  0,2 mg  0,0004 g  Ø90  370x485x450  7.2
261369 Internal 120 0,0001  0,2 mg  0,0004 g  Ø90  370x485x450  7.2
261370 Internal 210 0,0001  0,2 mg  0,0004 g  Ø90  370x485x450  7.2


Balance Parameters

4dp, Electromagnetic weighing system, External Calibration, Internal Calibration, PC & Printer Connectivity, Percent Weighing, Piece Counting


120g, 220g

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