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300ul Pipette Tips. 71mm Long. Ultrafine Point. Eclipse System

Categories: SKU: 1014-260

300ul Pipette Tips, Ultra Fine Point, Graduated, Eclipse Tip Loading System, 8×96/sleeve, 576pk

Eclipse Pipette Tips with Low Mounting and Ejection Force.  These ultimate tips feature a uniquely thin and flexible top that conforms the pipette barrel unlike any other tips.  They also include a non-beveled point that is so precise you can easily expel the tiniest amount of sample.  The mounting port is beveled to ensure that multi-channel pipettes are easy to mount.  In clear 100% polypropylene.  Tips and racks are autoclavable.


RNase & DNase Free
Fully Autoclavable
Low Trace Metals,
USFDA Compliant,

When you choose these tips make sure you also get Empty boxes







Pipette Compatibility


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