225ml Centrifuge Bottles. Sterile

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** CLEARANCE – Expiry date 06-2016 **

225ml Large Disposable Centrifuge Tubes

Sterile, Wrapped in Bags of 2, Fully Autoclavable, Freezable to -80ºC 48pk
Large centrifuge tubes are perfect for clarifying large volume solutions or concentrating live cells in tissue culture.
Made from pure pre-tested medical grade resins to ensure the integrity of your work. Each lot is tested and certified free of RNase/DNase Endotoxins and is Non-pyrogenic. Resins are pre-tested and are free of Oleamide DiHEMDA and Phthalates.
These tubes come in unique balanced packages of two tubes so you don’t have to worry about resealing bags or re-sterilizing these tubes. they also include our exclusive caps with their integral elastomeric sealing ring that eliminates leaking.




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