Sulphite 500, 100 strips – CLEARANCE

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**CLEARANCE – exp. date 31/05/22 **


10-500ppm Sulphite Indicator Strips

Increments are 10ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, 250ppm and 500ppm. 

These Strips provide consistent results with their easy to use method within 10 seconds

100 Strips per pack


J-QUANT® Semi-Quantitative Test Strips are Globally Known for their accuracy and quality.

They Provide semi-Quantitative results for ions, organic compounds, inorganic compounds and match the ever demanding needs of a rapid test. Laboratory costs and time can be lowered by a substantial amount given and the information they provide as a first- test.

Portable and easy to handle, these ‘labs on a stick’ contain all the necessary reagents and consumables to be ready for use straight out of the packaging. With no calibration required, J-QUANT® test strips are beyond doubt, highly complex products that can be used anywhere and disposed of easily due to low levels of impregnated reagents and the plastic strip.


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